Tools For Front-end Developers

This subject has been discussed everywhere on internet, but since each workflow has some personal touch I decided sharing some thoughts and tools I use myself.

1) Editor:

I know Sublime Text has taken over most of developers hearts by its autocomplete capabilities and tons of addons which you can do almost everything without leaving your editor. I used Sublime Text 2 for over a year before switching to Vim – yeah Vim, that editor using your terminal.

I must tell you the transition wasn’t easy and had to spend a lot of time practicing and reading, not to mention the search for plugins to mimic what I had on Sublime.

It’s been 3 months with Vim and I’m pretty comfortable with it now.

Editors probably are the most personal part of a developer tool belt item and I’m not trying to compare Sublime against Vim.

Follow two plugins I use along with Vim:

Emmet.vim: The same Emmet used on Sublime but for Vim

DelimitMate.vim: Helps autocompleting quotes, parens, brackets etc.

2) RequireJS

If you work with Javascript you know we can get to a point that maintaining it becomes almost unbearable. So to help us with that RequireJS comes into play